Friday, 21 July 2017

2017 eSWIM Rotto Training Squad - Testimonials


Testimonials from the 2016 eSWIM Rotto Squad

"Your hours of support, advice, wisdom and positive feedback have had such a huge impact on me. It's been an amazing summer under your guidance, and because of you I'm achieving more than I ever expected."
Kristy, 2016 solo swimmer

"Thanks very much for your great coaching over summer. I really enjoyed it. You run a very professional operation."
John, 2016 solo swimmer

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your training, advice and commitment. I truly believe that the training I received from you guys got me over the line on Saturday. I wish you every success for your future Rotto squads and I know they are going to be very successful because I am going to tell anyone that is doing a solo that they have to train with you guys. Thanks again, what an amazing feeling."
Andrea, 2016 solo swimmer

"I just wanted to say thanks for your help, coaching and encouragement, it made a real difference to me."

Jeff, 2016 solo swimmer

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for your wonderful coaching, advice, encouragement and general words of wisdom over the past 9/10 months to help me achieve the channel swim team event on Saturday. I had a ball and feel so proud of myself for coming as far as I have, thanks to you".

Susan, 2016 team swimmer

"Thank you so much for your support and guidance during the Rotto training season. I felt great and by the end of the swim I thought I could swim it again! So, thank you Elena and Lockey for getting me fit ready for Rotto as it made it all that more enjoyable. Definitely want to try it again next year."
Gabi, 2016 team swimmer

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and Lockey. The training squad, the sessions have been fantastic, my swimming times over distance have improved dramatically. Just think, I could not swim over 3km properly, now I feel good, strong and my times on the ocean swims compared to previous years have improved dramatically - the best ever . You should be really proud of your program, it has been rewarding, well structured, informative, engaging, bloody hard, quality people, but importantly good fun!"

Michael, 2016 duo swimmer

"What can I say? You have been amazing the past few months. I have really enjoyed getting back into the water. It has been your help and support."

Charlotte, 2016 duo swimmer

"I have absolutely loved the training program. Probably the best training I have done for years. You are terrific and inspiring coaches."

Jenny, 2016 duo swimmer

"Thank you so much for unending encourgament."

Bruce, duo swimmer

"Your training was inspirational and instructive. Your respect and care has given me a new view of myself and for this I thank you very much."

Carmen, 2016 team swimmer

"Thanks so much for a fantastic summer. I've never enjoyed my swimming so much and I've improved so much under your guidance."

Alessia, 2016 duo swimmer