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What to Bring

All swimmers will need to provide their own training equipment for all lessons, classes and squads.
If you need to purchase these items you can get them from online swim suppliers such as Aqua Shop or at Swimmer’s World located at HBF Stadium.  
A few tips when purchasing your equipment:


This is a very personal decision as goggles have to feel comfortable and fit the shape of your face.  The best way to find out whether a specific pair of goggles is the right shape or fit is to put the eye pieces on without the strap around your head and if they stay on your face for at least 3-5 seconds then they’re a good fit.  Some people prefer the larger mask-type goggles which provide good vision and tend not to leave raccoon marks around your eyes.  If you usually wear glasses or contact lenses it is possible to get prescription goggles which are well worth investing in as it will make your swimming experience a whole lot more enjoyable if you can see where you’re going.  

goggles1 goggles2


For beginner swimmers it is best to get fins that have a longer blade.  Scuba fins are too long and the very short training fins are not long enough.  Try to get something like the photo below.  Make sure your fins are soft and flexible.  FINIS is a good brand.

fins fins2


Kick board

Any lightweight streamlined kick board will be fine.  Don’t get the most expensive board you can but do get one that suits your size. If you’re petite there’s no point getting a giant kickboard and conversely, if you’re 190cm tall there’s not much use getting a tiny kickboard!  

board1 board2 board3

If you have other equipment such as pull buoys and hand paddles then you can also bring these to your sessions.