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2024 Rotto Squad - Merchandise

Every member of the 2024 eSWIM Rotto Squad who enrols prior to 10th September will receive a FREE:

eSWIM silicone cap from Swimtek in one of 7 colours - random colour allocation

merch2024 1


+ A lightweight 2024 Rotto Squad T-Shirt available in azure in men’s and women’s sizes.

 merch2024 2

 Size chart 2024


      An eSWIM mesh equipment bag - random colour allocation

merch2024 3


+ eSWIM wet bag perfect for bathers – random colour allocation


merch2024 4


Squad members can also purchase additional items including:

SaferSwimmer open water floats, beanies, FISKI goggles, and additional t-shirts and silicone caps.

Please check sizing carefully before ordering as there is limited stock available.


 The 2024 eSWIM Rotto Training Squad is proudly supported by

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